Our services

Develop & execute distribution strategies for medical equipment & diagnostic devices. The De Ceunynck Medical Group (DC Medical group) team has extensive experience in managing the many operational aspects of distribution of medical technologies in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets (EMEA).


Sales channel development

From improving the effectiveness of existing sales channels to setting up completely new ones, we can maximize sales performance while taking into account regional and local differences.

Business development

Our expertise can drive sales growth of products and services in existing and emerging markets with relevant and appropriate focus.

Distributor management

At DC Medical group we excel in distribution and at identifying, evaluating and managing potential distributors in the medical devices & diagnostic fields using either our existing network or finding new relations. In addition we bring extensive expertise in establishing 'win-win' ventures and partnerships between distributors and key stakeholders.


Clinical support

The growing complexity of new medical technologies requires an increasing need for clinical and application support for the users. We pride ourselves in investing significantly in facilities and personnel to deliver appropriate trainings in our own wetlab and meeting facilities.

Evidence-based clinical marketing

From advancing recently-developed indications to the promotion of a new standard-of-care, evidence generation is the cornerstone of establishing clinical relevance. At DC Medical Group we pioneered evidence-based clinical marketing in the medical devices market over 30 years ago and we have the right partners to build local clinical evidence to support the commercial and business strategy.

Key Opinion Leader management

At DC Medical group we have the experience to identify and build relationships with Key Opinion Leaders to accelerate the acceptance and clinical adoption of new developments.

Marketing communications

We can deliver effective marketing communications with relevant content, tailored to the target audience to support sales and ensure a healthy and strong brand strategy.


Technical support

At DC Medical group we hire and train our service engineers to the highest standards to guarantee a fully certified service for every product distributed to our customers. We deliver 1st and 2nd line support to our own customers and/or partner distributors in other countries in Europe.

Knowledge exchange

Key to a successful support to new technology is the speed of knowledge exchange. We have developed our sharing platform allowing every field engineer to share new observations , learnings and solutions in a timely manner with his/her colleagues and where necessary escalate to the mother companies to initiate corrective actions and improvements.


Sophisticated and robust IT infrastructure

At DC Medical group we have invested heavily in our IT infrastructure to optimize processes, manage multiple warehouses, and dynamically manage stock for fast delivery with full product traceability.

In-house delivery services

We have the capability to deliver high value medical equipments and components with our own services and personnel to guarantee a fast delivery at the highest standards.


Strategic investments

At DC Medical Group we have the financial strength to co-invest in strategic projects to accelerate the introduction and commercialization of products and services.

Alternative financing modalities

Through our own financing arm and its long term partners we can accelerate the realisation of projects through flexible financing modalities.

Business & organizational transformation

Organization design

We can identify and engage key talent in an organization to achieve desired business goals. A successful design creates a positive work environment and winning team spirit.

Business transformation

Whether it's the conversion of an academic concept to a commercial product, or the integration after a merger or acquisition, at DC Medical group we have the experience to successfully transform businesses.

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